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PowerPoint fix tool is small and powerful data recovery application, designed to protect corrupted presentations in the Microsoft PowerPoint format. PowerPoint Fix Toolbox (Download Free) is really small software to fix PowerPoint 2010 file but despite the small size of its binaries it features the highest performance of its engine, developed by the developer community.

Download Power Point Fix

Download Power Point fix application and try to initiate the processing of PowerPoint files anywhere in the local area network of your company, it costs nothing because the freeware version of tool to fix PowerPoint files is distributed to anyone.

Tool to Fix PowerPoint files

Fix Power Point files in spite of your technical skills and be ready to reproduce an easy sequence of steps, one by one, so you may start with the following:

  • get answers about how can I fix my Microsoft PowerPoint?
  • during the first stage select a document of PPT or PPTX format for analysis and use the Next button to continue;
  • checks the structure of corrupted presentations absolutely for free and does not require its users to do compatibility checks, PowerPoint Fix Toolbox runs anywhere in LAN;
  • safely analyzes damaged PowerPoint presentations and decompresses damaged items, stored in corrupted PPTX and PPT documents;
  • executes all checks offline, without connecting to external servers or sharing this data with other users;

PowerPoint Fix Toolbox is one of the most successful releases of Fixtoolbox.com professional software team development so even freeware version of this software offers exactly what you are looking for. GNU General Public License (GPL) is not currently available, however you may track the community website for the latest news and releases. Open source version is not acceptable because the developers of PowerPoint Fix Toolbox do not allow modifications in its binaries. Donate to the development team if you like this product and remove its limitations

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Fix Power Point files

Software to Fix PowerPoint 2010 file
How Can i Fix my Microsoft PowerPoint?